Mark Mason, President/CEO

Mark is the captain of the S.S. Timestar, steering the vision of our team. He is our offical “been there, done that” person. His experience covers everything from corporate gigs as a VP of Ops and CFO, to delivering insights to leaders from Wall Street to Walton Boulevard. Mark reminds us that the future is all around us, we’re just too distracted by the past and present to see it.

Dustin Tenhouse, Master Data Scientist

While Dustin is our Master Data Scientist, he is actually a scientist…seriously. As a Molecular Biologist, Dustin dives deep to understand data at the most granular level. He is our walking data microscope. When it comes to providing clients with insights, Dustin is an absolute artist. If you manage to catch Dustin away from the office (good luck), he is probably getting back to nature with his family.


As a rescue lab, Newton reminds us that some of the best outcomes occur when we influence decisions rather than make them ourselves. He is also our leading consultant on customer loyalty and appreciation.

You ?

You are the secret weapon for billion dollar companies and industry leaders? You develop industry changing web and mobile applications with tools like Hadoop, Vertica & Tableau? You are awesome.